Design, Test and Reliability

The ever-increasing complexity of microelectronic systems poses an enormous challenge for the design and the manufacturing of those systems. Novel requirements regarding energy efficiency, performance, size, and – most notably – reliability must be taken into account from the very beginning.

In the “Design, Test and Reliability” technology park, novel scientific approaches will be developed in the following focal topics in close cooperation with the other three technology parks:

  • design of systems and components in areas like sensor and actuator technology, power electronics, ultra-high frequency circuits and systems, broadband data transmission
  • metrological characterization of new materials and devices, performance analysis in conjunction with development, testing and verification of circuits and systems, as well as comprehensive testing of innovative solutions within the application context,
  • evaluation of reliability and service life considering the requirements from the application point of view.

The exceptional multi-disciplinary cooperation within this technology park enables us to develop innovative, adaptable and reliable system solutions together with our customers.


Cooperating institutes

System know-how, design and test capabilities, and technological expertise from all participating Fraunhofer and Leibniz institutes.