Heterointegration is the bonding of all parts and components of a system into a single functional unit - either as prototype or as finished product. When it comes to modern electronic products, this technology approach gives rise to numerous challenges: On the one hand, dissimilar technologies, sizes and materials have to be taken into account; on the other hand, handling, electrical and mechanical interconnection and protection from external influences have conflicting requirements.

We are currently experiencing a fundamental shift in the subdivision of the value chain. Interaction between parts and component manufacturers and electronic system suppliers is increasing – and with this, the complexity of technology processes.

The technology park develops and harmonizes all processing steps relevant to functional integration, which is then made available to our project partners in the form of transparent integration lines.

They can be used for anything from constructing first prototypes, to small series manufacturing, or as starting points for developing new technologies customized to one’s own product range.

Our services cater to both companies and higher education institutions. We work closely with the processes of our project partners to advance product ideas, implement production chains and, where necessary, facilitate cooperation with the other technology parks.


Cooperating institutes

Infrastructure and know-how from the Fraunhofer institutes EMFT, ENAS, FHR, IAF, IISB, IPMS, ISIT, and IZM and the Leibniz institutes FBH and IHP.