Silicon-based Technologies

From a technological point of view, technology park 1 covers the area of silicon-based microelectronics and microsystem technology. Integrating new material systems for MEMS and NEMS sensors and actuators and combining them with CMOS processes is one of the technology park’s focuses. These technologies allow, in particular, the development and pilot manufacture of intelligent sensor nodes, cyber-physical systems, and hardware-oriented Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions.

The range of technologies is complemented with high-frequency-capable MEMS and SiGe elements. Within More-Moore technologies, the technology park offers a unique fleet of machinery for 300 mm wafer diameters, including, in particular, the development of new types of devices in the Back-End-of-Line (BEoL) segment and system integration by means of 3D integration technologies.

Cooperating institutes

Infrastructure and know-how in silicon-based technologies (200 / 300 mm silicon) from the Fraunhofer institutes ENAS, EMFT, ISIT, IMS, IZM, and IPMS and Leibniz IHP.