Compound Semiconductors

The special properties of compound semiconductors make it possible to realize leading-edge devices and circuits for frequencies of up to 800 GHz, high power transistors based on wide-bandgap semiconductors, as well as advanced optoelectronic devices.

Compound semiconductors are – with the exceptions of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) – not compatible with silicon-based technologies when it comes to wafer diameter and process control. One important role of the Technology Park “Compound semiconductors” will therefore be the provision of III-V wafers and chips for heterointegration with silicon electronics. This will allow customers to make practical use of the advantages offered by devices and circuits based on compound semiconductors.

Additionally, the development of special substrates such as SiC and aluminum nitride (AlN) required for next generation power devices is driven in this Technology Park. Other new developments such as power electronics based on the semiconductor gallium oxide (GaO) or semiconducting diamond are followed well ahead of time.


Cooperating institutes

Fraunhofer institutes HHI, IAF, IISB (SiC power electronics and SiC materials research) and ISIT (200 mm GaN-on-Si), as well as Leibniz FBH.