MEMS Micropump – TUDOS

© Fraunhofer EMFT
Device for tumor dosing: TUDOS.

Once a cancer tumor begins to metastasize, the chances of recovery diminish significantly. Metastasis is particularly dangerous, if malignant tumors are present. Intensive, longterm research has failed to deliver a treatment that can halt the proliferation. Fraunhofer EMFT tackled the challenge in the industry-funded project μP Brain Test. The scientists approached the challenge from a new angle, developing a silicon, bubble-tolerant MEMS micropump (TUDOS – Tumor Dosing). The pump served as the core element of an autonomous implant that combats meningeal metastasis. By means of metronomic dosing in microliter range it provides the basis for cancer treatment that is highly forward-thinking, and more patient friendly.


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