• The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) is a cross-location association of eleven Fraunhofer Institutes and two Leibniz Institutes in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics research and development. The idea behind it: a one-stop shop for R&D services, application solutions, and new technologies at a high level of technical maturity for a wide range of industrial customers.

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  • Germany's economy thrives on the export of top-quality technological products. Micro- and nanoelectronics is the key industry for all relevant industrial sectors in Germany and Europe. In order to further strengthen the use of microelectronics, it is necessary to join forces to maintain a good position within global competition. The share of microelectronics in the world market from European/German production has steadily declined over the years. This makes it all the more necessary to focus on existing strengths and implement the necessary innovations. Approaches and solutions for the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Smart Data can only be researched, developed, and implemented through the consistent combination of expertise. This is the only way to maintain Germany's technological edge and attractiveness as a location for business and industry in the future and to enable cutting-edge research to continue.

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  • In January 2017, a consortium consisting of eleven Fraunhofer Institutes within the Group for Microelectronics and the industry-relevant semiconductor research institutes of the Leibniz Association (FBH, IHP) presented a concept for a Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD). On April 6, 2017, the then Federal Minister of Research, Prof. Johanna Wanka, handed over the official approvals for a total of 350 million euros for the modernization of the research infrastructure in Berlin and thus launched this innovative cooperation model for German microelectronics research.

  • Investments in the FMD are the basis for the future viability of applied microelectronics research in Germany. The main investments are in the modernization and expansion of the research infrastructure at the participating institutes. The new devices and systems will create significantly enhanced capabilities for the development and manufacture of novel electronic semiconductor chips and microsystem components, e.g. for sensor technology. In addition, completely new possibilities are emerging to develop these components, to combine them into complex miniaturized systems in a very small space, and to increase the reliability of these components and systems.

    • For our customers and partners, we combine the comprehensive expertise of the institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and the Leibniz Institutes FBH and IHP.
    • We provide our customers with tailor-made technology and system developments from a single source.
    • Our customers benefit from the combination of various technologies for market- and application-oriented system solutions.
    • We cover the entire value chain from technology development to pilot production.
    • As an innovation driver in the key technology of microelectronics, we strengthen the competitiveness of Germany and Europe. 

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  • The FMD is represented with its participating institutes in the following cities: Berlin, Chemnitz, Duisburg, Dresden, Erlangen, Frankfurt/Oder, Freiburg, Ilmenau, Itzehoe, Munich, Nuremberg, and Wachtberg.

  • In the FMD, 13 research institutes collaborate, with a total of more than 3,500 employees. The business activities and strategic development of the FMD are coordinated by the office in Berlin. It serves as a central point of contact for inquiries from industry and for the establishment of forward-looking research collaborations. The office includes the head of the FMD, the technology park and program managers, as well as the communications team, which is responsible for marketing and public relations work across the institutes and organizations.

    FMD's technological skills are divided into four technology parks, each of which is technically and strategically coordinated by a technology park manager. They work closely together with their contact at the individual locations. The program managers act as an interface to the tangible application. They supervise the application topics of the research fab and are the central contacts for customers from industry as well as for public funding bodies.

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  • The overarching cooperation of FMD is organized into four technology parks, as they are known

    Technology Park 1:The latest silicon-based technologies for sensors, actuators, and information processing

    Technology Park 2: Compound Semiconductors with state-of-the-art materials for energy-saving and communication technology

    Technology Park 3: Heterointegration – novel, miniaturized combinations of semiconductor devices, e.g. for the Internet of Things

    Technology Park 4: Design, Test and Reliability for design and design methods, quality, and safety

    In the technology parks, thematically and logistically related processes and infrastructures are combined, organized, and further developed across institute boundaries. In this way, the member institutes can jointly serve all areas of technology that are essential for the research, development and (pilot) production of micro- and nanosystems.

  • Each of the four technology parks is technically and strategically coordinated by a technology park manager. The four technology park managers are the central contacts for the cross-location organization of the design and process chains, design tools, and flows as well as measurement and testing technology. An important task is to plan the long-term development and expansion of the technology portfolio.

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  • The six technology platforms Microwave und Terahertz, Power Electronics, Extended CMOS, Optoelectronic Systems, Sensor Systems, and MEMS Actuators will be established from the FMD's broad technology portfolio to bundle the relevant individual expertise along the technological value chain from system design to testing and reliability. The technology platforms are complemented by an Advanced System Design platform, which brings together the broad expertise in system design available in the FMD across institutes and technologies. In addition to leveraging synergies between technological competencies and the development of technological visions, these platforms serve above all to support the targeted customer approach with the bundled technological competencies along the value chain.

  • Micro- and nanoelectronics are the key industry for all relevant industrial sectors in Germany and Europe. On the basis of its comprehensive and excellent technology and competence portfolio, the FMD offers application solutions in the application areas Transport and Smart Mobility, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Digital Industry, Digital Life, and Civil Security and Occupational Safety from a single source. This enables customers to realize combined and optimized system solutions with FMD and thus secure an innovative advantage within international competition.

  • The program managers act as contacts for customers from industry as well as for public sponsors and prepare projects together with the clients. They focus on application topics with a high synergy potential within the FMD and pursue active business development in these topics.

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