Our cross-location competencies in Optoelectronic Systems

The technology platform »Optoelectronic Systems« focuses on the realization of optoelectronic devices and systems-on-chip. Applications include image acquisition and processing as well as communication up to Tbit/s-speed, Raman spectroscopy under strong scattered light conditions, and quantum optical sensors and measurement technologies for optical atomic clocks, for ground-based as well as space-based applications. From one single source, we offer the complete component and technology chain, e.g. for optical communication from emitter to modulator and receiver to fully integrated optoelectronic systems, including application-specific instruction-set processor based control and embedded software for these technologies.

Furthermore, the hybrid integration of active III-V-materials to polymer- and Si-based technology, incl. wafer level atomic layer deposition for encapsulation, plays a significant role in order to realize complete hybrid photonic integrated circuits (Hybrid PICs).


Realization of Optoelectronic Systems such as for communication up to Tbit/s-speed

Complete Signal Chain from emitter to modulator and receiver to fully integrated optoelectronic systems

Design of Single Devices, (integrated) Circuits or even Complete Systems, such as communication systems

In-depth knowledge in Processing a wide variety of Materials – from Si to compound semiconductors and polymers

Manufacturing of Passive Structures, like anti-reflection coatings and Laser; wide ranging Portfolio of different Laser Wavelengths: GaAs-based Laser (wavelength 905 nm), InP-based Laser (~ 1.5 µm) and III-V-semiconductor Laser with wavelengths in the range of 2-11 µm

Integration of III-V-Materials into Si-based Technology; heterogeneous integration: Advanced Packaging, Wafer Level Capping & Advanced Substrate/Interposer technologies

Characterization of the designed, manufactured and assembled optoelectronic systems and testing in multiple stress scenarios (thermal or mechanical stress); performing reliability and degradation assessments.


Flyer Optoelectronic Systems


External Cavitiy Quantum Cascade Lasers

for completely new ways of infrared spectroscopy.


Tunable Laser Module

for a broad range of application fields.


Implementation / Coupling of a Photonic Integrated Circuit

from the cooperation in the BMBF project SPeeD


Laser Modules for Sprace Applications

Successfully used in space: a micro-integrated diode laser module