Our cross-location competencies in Extended CMOS

Extended CMOS

The technology platform »Extended CMOS« focuses on materials and processes, system integration as well as characterization of materials, test of devices and reliability assessments.


The FMD offers long lasting experience and know-how in Developing and Manufacturing of CMOS-based Components and Systems within its cleanrooms:

  • Fully equipped state-of-the art 200 mm BiCMOS and CMOS lines
  • Processes for FEOL, MOL, as well as BEOL
  • New materials, processes and technologies, like new memory concepts and neuromorphic computing technologies are pursued
  • 1D, 2D materials and technologies; 2.5/3D integration technologies
  • R & D services for TSV, wafer bumping, redistribution layers and solder balls
  • Fabrication of high density silicon, glass and polymer interposer, wafer thinning, dicing, wafer to wafer bonding, high precision multi-die assembly, die stacking, and molding


Extended CMOS along the value chain


Europractice IC Service: Multi Project Wafer (MPW) and Prototyping 

Within the EUROPRACTICE IC Service, the Leibniz IHP as part of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany, is providing a manufacturing service for Multi Project Wafer (MPW) and Prototyping. More information here.


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Universal Sensor Platform (USeP)