Collaborations with universities and colleges

Collaborative projects, joint labs, courses, and supervision of theses and doctorates: the FMD offers a wide range of cooperation opportunities

At the FMD, particular emphasis should be placed on the services that are directly aimed at the cooperative processing of research issues, such as joint work in collaborative projects and the operation of joint laboratories, the so-called Joint Labs. In addition, it is possible to commission FMD institutes to test the suitability of unique concepts from basic research in more application-oriented environments at the institutes' facilities. Due to the high level of qualification of the clients, there are many possibilities for individual agreements on low-threshold access.

The FMD also offers indirect opportunities for cooperation aimed at the joint training of young academics. These include courses run by employees of the FMD institutions, supervised theses, and doctorates. Please get in touch with us with your request!


Joint Labs

We provide a shared and permanently installed infrastructure for longer-term collaborations. In terms of quality, this can lead to more in-depth research and an expansion of competence and expertise.


ForLabs open up new fields of research for the microelectronics of the future and thus strengthen Germany as a microelectronics hub. FMD institutes are involved in the following ForLabs: