About FMD

Vision and Mission of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

FMD combines the advantages of a distributed organisation with the synergies of a central organisation and enables merging of both worlds.


FMD is the world's leading research group for applications and systems in micro- and nanoelectronics.

FMD offers new technologies and cross-technology solutions up to a high level of technical maturity from one source for partners in industry and science.


  • Based on the scientific excellence of its institutes, FMD continuously develops its technological portfolio and translates it into innovations - for the benefit of society and to strengthen the German and European economy.
  • FMD provides impulses for developments and system solutions in the high-tech sector, cooperates with international partners and actively shapes the German and European research agenda.
  • FMD bundles its resources across the entire value chain of micro- and nanoelectronics to maintain technological sovereignty in Europe and to strengthen Germany's competitiveness as a business location.
  • FMD enables comprehensive and easy access to new applications of micro- and nanoelectronics at different technical levels of maturity and offers complete solutions from a single source.
  • FMD lowers the entry threshold into future-oriented high technologies for all users of microelectronics in industry and science and is an important innovation partner also for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • FMD offers training and further education opportunities for future careers in microelectronics and supports the transfer of knowledge by brains.
  • FMD supports start-ups in high technologies.


FMD Facts – Did you know that…

… FMD offers a One-Stop-Shop for all your inquiries regarding micro- and nanoelectronics?

… over 2,000 highly qualified employees take care of your requests within the FMD?

… FMD laboratories and production facilities will be expanded by more than 200 state-of-the-art machines?

… FMD consists of 13 innovative research institutes?

… FMD has in total more than 11,000 square meters of cleanroom facilities?

… FMD is the world’s largest pool for technologies and intellectual property rights within the area of smart systems?