Digital Life: More than Connecting Devices

Smart Living in the Digital Society – Intelligent living and working environments for digitalized citizens

We offer solutions for intelligent living & working environments for digitalized citizens in four spaces:

  • Safer living spaces
  • Healthy and comfortable living spaces (e.g. quality monitoring of food and drinking water, audio systems in consumer electronics, generation of holographic images, mobility and urbanization - quality of life in urban areas)
  • Self-anticipating living spaces (e.g. fragrance dosing, smart home, smart living - living and working in the knowledge society)
  • Securing sustainable living spaces (e.g. environmental monitoring/control, sensor networks and middleware, platforms)

Ensuring Safe & Secure Spaces

Emergency management & evacuation systems for public safety

Distributed security concepts based on AI, blockchain, cognitive learning

Monitoring systems using pattern recognition software
for large data volumes from video streams

Authentication software & services; access control systems;
burglar resistance; biometric systems; e-wallet; drones

Ensuring Healthy & Comfortable Spaces

Smart home and smart building applications (e.g. building management software, indoor climate control); physical edge nodes, indoor navigation

Sensors for personal assistants; compact actuators with improved physical activation; environmental sensing,
quality control of food; consumer robots

Wireless communication with high data rates (e.g. 5G, fibre)

Mobile payment & booking systems, e-paper / ink

Audio systems in consumer electronics,  holographic images; microspeaker;  scanners in glasses for AR / VR / MR applications

Ensuring Anticipating Spaces

Digital watches & personal coaches as digital twin

Smart traffic management, navigation systems for congestion avoidance

AAL, nursing robots, e-butler,
VR / AR / MR for hazard anticipation

Safety education, crowd management in public spaces; coaching wearables

Retail shop optimization (asset tracking and historical data analysis)

Adaptive workspace

Ensuring Sustainable Spaces


Environmental monitoring (e.g.material life cycles for circular economy); Sharing economy

Intelligent lighting to increase safety

Leakage detection of aging infrastructures

Sustainable agriculture, smart / precision farming

Carbonneutral offices, micro housing & off-grid life



In-ear and free-field applications
MEMS microphones and microspeakers
(head mounted displays,
intergration of scanners in eyewear)
MEMS Micromirror arrays/Scanner

(smart positioning and condition monitoring;
sensing modules for smart homes & buildings)
(wireless transmission, fiber optic communication,
electronic-photonic communication / broadband,
indoor localization)
Sensor fusion, algorithms for evaluation of sensor data

New materials for displays GaN electronics for communication technology applications

  Indoor localization technologies

Example Applications


Advanced Entertainment Devices

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