Energy: More than Generating Power

Solutions for a sustainable and yet affordable energy supply

  • Towards Zero Power: reducing the energy requirements of systems and sensors (low power consumption and minimizing power losses)
  • Energy Harvesting: technologies and systems for using energy of the ambient (like heat, light or motion) for the supply of electronic systems


Energy: Two distinct topics with different communities

Smart Energy: Materials, devices, components and system solutions for the transformation of the energy system („Energiewende“) along the energy value chain

  • Intelligent Energy System (e.g. digital, distributed, balanced)
  • Smart Grid (e.g. automated, resilient), Energy Storage (e.g. stationary Battery Systems,
    reserve capacity, Battery Management Systems, H2/Methane Infrastructure)
  • Renewable Energy Systems (e.g. Power Electronics for Wind/PV and EV, Grid Integration)
  • Intelligent Demand Management (e.g. Smart Metering, Load Monitoring incl. ML/DL Methods)

Energy Efficiency: Low Power Solutions for all vertical industries/application fields

  • Energy efficient Hardware for AI
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies
  • Energy Efficient Data Centers (e.g. DC-Grid, optical), Digital Factories (e.g. energy performance)
  • Low Power Transmission Technologies (e.g. LiFi)
  • New Power Electronics Materials (e.g. AlGaN/GaN based converters)


Smart Grids

The energy revolution does not stop at wind farms or solar panels. The power grids themselves need to change and adapt.