Smart Grids


Grid Monitoring: asset monitoring in distribution grid; utilisation optimisation; simulation & test in transmission grid (e.g. HVDC links) for grid stability

Automated network operation and self-regulating grids (e.g. coordinated power flow control)

Resilience of critical infrastructures

Micro Grids

Edge Computing und AI applications for utilities



System components for intelligent energy grids at all voltage levels

Wireless sensor network protocols, communications network in the 450 MHz frequency band

Robotics, VR and sensor technologies for grid planning/inspection: Acoustic sensing conductor strand monitoring with RF sensor nodes and capacitive harvesters measuring torsion and current

Energy Electronics: cognitive power electronics for condition monitoring of LV/MV Grid, DC converter for micro grids, test beds for LV/MV devices and for transmission network

Software: embedded IoT, near-hardware data analytics for grid visualisation

Security Technologies & Cryptography: blockchain, encryption technologies, microcontroller, physically unclonable functions, authenticated watch dog timer


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In just a few years, electricity distribution as we know it will transform radically. This quantum leap in power management requires innovative solutions in power engineering, measurement and control electronics and IT.