Transport and Smart Mobility: More than Reaching Destinations

Transport and Smart Mobility are facing a fundamental process of transformation. The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany addresses this process by providing solutions for electrified, connected and autonomous mobility.

In the field of electromobility our experts develop intelligent drive systems as well as smart power electronics. To meet the challenges in power electronics our institutes work on innovative solutions based on wide-bandgap semiconductors as well as advanced optoelectronic devices.

Furthermore, the Research Fab provides ADAS sensors and systems for autonomous mobility such as LiDAR, RADAR and camera



In June 2020 we have prepared a daily series on vehicle environment detection for you: Follow #smarteyesforvehicles on LinkedIN and Twitter and get the latest information on #LiDAR, #radar and #camera!

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FMD: Transport & Connected Mobility


Vehicle Environment Detection

Systems for vehicle environment detection provide an important basis for autonomous driving and digital fabs. The smart solutions realized by the Research Fab Microelectronics make a significant contribution to increase the safety of traffic participants or players in the industrial environment. The 13 member institutes of the FMD have different special knowledge of the technologies and components, which ideally complement each other.

Expert Interview "Vehicle Environment Detection"

Whether in traffic, robotics or industry: smart solutions for environment detection systems are in demand. The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) significantly contributes to the further development of technologies and thus to increasing the safety of road users or players in the industrial environment.


Interview May 2020

Farther, more precise, smaller

In our expert interview Christoph Galle explains the FMD competencies in the vehicle environment detection area, current projects, emerging technological trends and how customers interested in projects can be supported by the FMD.


Interview June 2018

The last word in "Microelectronics News"

In "the last word" section of the "Microelectronics News", Christoph Galle speaks about the special way of cooperation in the FMD, LiDAR, future goals and more.

LiDAR – Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Applications

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We offer tailored solutions for specific applications of our customers based on our long-standing expertise on every component along the entire value chain of a LiDAR system.


Completion and results of the project “Wide-Angle-LiDAR“

You are interested in our work at the FMD and our competencies in the LiDAR, radar and camera area?

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Connected Mobility

Connected Safety, Connected Security, Connected Convenience – All integrated in your vehicle


Connected Mobility

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