Terahertz Line Scan Camera

Terahertz line scan camera for real-time industrial imaging

The goal of this development path is the scalable heterointegration of silicon germanium (SiGe) and indium phosphide (InP) chips. Together with real-time capable AI-based signal processing, a high-speed inline measurement system for non-destructive monitoring of production processes with simultaneous high image quality will be developed. The technologies used will allow future use in production facilities with belt speeds of more than 10 m/s. Within the scope of the system demonstrator, proof of functionality for belt speeds of 1 m/s - 2 m/s will be provided. Here, frequencies around 300 GHz are used in order to ensure a high penetration depth into the components to be investigated while maintaining a high lateral resolution. This development path combines the competences of FHR (radar systems and signal processing), FBH (InP electronics), IAF (terahertz front-ends), IHP (SiGe technology), IMS (AI-based signal processing), ENAS (functional tests and system analysis), IZM (industrial packaging), IPMS (Si-MMICs and low-power ASICS), and ITWM (terahertz measurement systems and fast radar imaging algorithms). The interface between signal processing and sensor hardware will be designed in such a way that the image reconstruction methods developed in terahertz photonics can also be used for this development path. Thus, a modular system concept for terahertz imaging for photonic and electronic components is created.