Implementation / Coupling of a Photonic Integrated Circuit

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wire bond / grating-coupler variant of the opto-electronic SPeeD-400G modulator chip - Optical coupling with surface gratings on chip by means of IZM laser-cut and μm-adjusted glass particles
  • Embedding and coupling of a chip-integrated optical modulator in 0.25 µm SiGe-BiCMOS-ePIC technology (electronic-photonic integrated circuit)
    • ePIC fabricated by FMD member institute IHP for an optical transmission at line rates of 400 Gb/s with 64-GBd DP-Bipolar-8ASK modulation
    • embedding, electrical and optical coupling is used through grating couplers by IZM
    • modulator design by ADVA in the BMBF project SPeeD
    • an edge coupler design is in preparation


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