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FuCera - Integrated SiC power module with integrated ceramic cooler

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SiC power module with integrated ceramic heat sink
  • Maximum utilization of SiC semiconductor area due to Rth-optimized module and cooler design
  • High switching performance due to module integrated capacitor
  • Integrated cooling channel for maximum weight & power density


Ceramtec GmbH

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SiCmodul - SiC-based power electronics for fail-safe drive module technology

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Fig. 1: Drive motor with axially integrated, 6-phase SiC drive inverter, Fig. 2: 6-phase SiC drive inverter, Fig. 3: Exploded view of the 6-phase SiC drive inverter, Fig. 4: One of 6 power modules of the SiC drive inverter soldered onto the PinFin heat sink
  • Ultra compact, highly functionally integrated power module design in PCB embedding technology for easy system integration and high temperature applications up to 175°C junction temperature
  • Highest switching speeds due to low commutation cell inductance of 1.7 nH
  • Integrated temperature and phase current sensors, driver and power supply
  • Integrated drive converter for unshielded, shortest motor cables
  • Common cooling circuit for motor and inverter


BMBF supported project SiCModul


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