High-Voltage Power Grid Monitoring

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Monitoring system for high and maximum voltage power grids increases the capacity of overhead lines, streamlines monitoring and maintenance, and promises substantial economic and ecological benefits.

ASTROSE® is a tried and tested monitoring system for high-voltage power grids. By providing a reliable stream of data, the current-carrying capacity of power lines (ampacity) can be optimized, faults and damage pinpointed immediately, and maintenance activities managed more effi ciently.

ASTROSE® monitors power grids directly on the lines. The autonomous wireless sensor nodes are installed on the lines themselves and capture a range of information locally. The fully autonomous sensor nodes are located at a distance of up to 500 m, typically immediately after pylons. The monitoring data is fed wirelessly through the sensor chain to a feed point that interfaces with the grid control center. ASTROSE® uses the inclination (tilt) of the line as the integral physical measurement and the reference for calculating additional properties, such as the current temperature of the line or its catenary and surface clearance.


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