Theranostic Implants

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Overall system including pressure and acceleration sensor with a length of about 15 mm and a diameter of about 3 mm.

Theranostics is the combination of diagnostic and therapeutic features in a single device capable of measuring and functioning by means of smart technology. The emerging technology of such implants facilitate precision medicine and individualized treatment of patients.

The high-end sensor technologies these devices are based on, are demonstrated as part of the “Fraunhofer Lighthouse-project“, which saw the development of a highly miniaturized wireless and implantable multi sensor system.

The overall system consists of a pressure sensor, an ASIC for data and energy management, an accelerometer, and an LTCC-based interposer containing a coil for inductive energy supply and data transmission. The pressure sensor has an operating range from 800 hPa to 1400 hPa and a resolution of 0.2 hPa. An acceleration sensor was integrated into the system to detect external conditions like movement and shock. The two-dimensional inertial sensor has two measurement areas ±1 g (low frequency) and ± 5 g (high frequency), and a sensitivity of about 100 fF/g per dimension.


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