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Spectroscopic methods are based on various physical methods. In these, radiation is broken down according to certain characteristics such as wavelength, mass or energy. The light of a certain wavelength interacts with the material to be examined. The light is scattered or emitted to different extents and shows different properties depending on the material. Conclusions about characteristic properties can also be drawn from the reflection of light from materials. Thus, both qualitative and quantitative statements can be made about the examined material.

Especially in the fields of non-destructive testing (NDT)quality control and process measurement technology (inline measurement technology), spectroscopic methods play a key role. The systems can be used to analyze materials in various states, to determine substance concentrations as well as substance compositions. The measurement data serves as the base, for example, for determining parts that do not meet quality requirements or for detecting foreign substances even in the lowest concentrations. Furthermore, spectroscopic methods are frequently used in material and food testing. In particular, the integration of complementary spectroscopic methods into one system (multisensor technology) opens up new fields of application.

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Development of a novel membrane laser module for spectral measurements

Cooperation with the start-up Twenty-One Semiconductors

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Customized components for your spectroscopy system!

Intensive research on components is necessary, because the demands on systems are constantly increasing, for example due to higher performance requirements, increasing cost pressure and development of new fields of application. Our technologies are continuously developed with partners from the industry. Our research know-how can thus be tailored to the system requirements of the individual application.

Innovative approaches for complete systems!

Research activities within FMD are often concentrated at the level of individual components. However, in some places the activities also extend to the level of overall systems. In the following areas we can offer innovative approaches for overall systems.


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