Smart Grids


  • Grid Monitoring: Asset Monitoring in distribution grid; Utilisation Optimisation; Simulation & Test in transmission grid (e.g. HVDC links) for Grid Stability
  • Automated network operation and self-regulating grids (e.g. coordinated Power Flow Control)
  • Resilience of critical infrastructures
  • Micro Grids
  • Edge Computing und AI applications for utilities



  • System components for intelligent energy grids at all voltage levels
  • Wireless sensor network protocols, communications network in the 450 MHz frequency band
  • Robotics, VR and Sensor technologies for Grid Planning/Inspection: Acoustic sensing Conductor Strand Monitoring with RF sensor nodes and capacitive harvesters measuring torsion and current
  • Energy Electronics: Cognitive Power Electronics for condition monitoring of LV/MV Grid, DC Converter for Micro Grids, Test Beds for LV/MV Devices and for transmission network
  • Software: Embedded IoT, near-hardware data analytics for grid visualisation
  • Security Technologies & Cryptography: Blockchain, Encryption Technologies, Microcontroller, Physically Unclonable Functions, Authenticated Watch Dog Timer


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In just a few years, electricity distribution as we know it will transform radically. This quantum leap in power management requires innovative solutions in power engineering, measurement and control electronics and IT.