Advanced Entertainment Devices


VR/AR/MR (Devices, Glasses and Head-up-Displays)

Voice/Emotion/Gesture Recognition & Command

Robotics & Interfaces (HMI, BCI)

Smart Textiles & Wearables

Tactile and haptic Sensors

Sensory Science, Odor Sensors

Software: Cloud & Cognitive Computing, AI Methodology

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Sensors: Tactile Sensors (MEMS or optical), Pressure Sensors (e.g. magneto-resistive, Ultrasonic); Bio Sensors (Glucose Mgt., Sweat / Gas Sensors); Odor Sensors Audio & Voice Recognition: Hardware (MEMS loudspeakers, NED and piezo; microphones;
Acoustic camera/3D Sound Camera) and software (e.g. Acoustic Analysis)
Comformable, Fexible, Stretchable Electronics: R2R, S2S, Fibre Optics (FBG-Sensors, Femtosecondlaser), Textile Integration (e.g. Textile 3D Integrated Shapes) Object / Event recognition and distance measurement: Positioning Technologies and AI
VR/AR/MR: Inertial Sensors, ML for head motion classifaction, MEMS Micromirror arrays/Scanner, Beamforming/-training, VR Holodeck (Tracking/Localisation), Light field technology for real-life images Video: Hardware (Holographs, Display Technology, multispectral camera, tunable micro lense,
LiDAR/Spad Sensors for 3D Images/TOF, movement control and optical distance/runtime measurement, infrared sensors) and software (video compression, image processing, computer vision)
Robotics: Dextorous/autonomous in-hand manipulation, resistive sensor principle / miniaturized MEMS pressure sensors, artificial robotic skin, Spintronics for Spectral Noise Measurements,
Hall Sensors for angle detection of robot arm; Multimodal distance and proximity measurement
based on CMUTs, Training of robot hand to grasp using AI assisted by cameras
Photonics (LED, Micro LED, LCD Microdisplays, Laser); Energy Harvesting Technologies and Wireless
Emotion/Gesture Recognition: Emotion Lab, Embedded AI (Neural Networks on microcontroller) AI based intelligent signal processing (DSKI), AI for sensors (SNKI), Advanced Data Analytics; Hardware Architectures for AI (e.g. Neuromorphic hardware), Sensory Science using analytic modeling